Alice (The Artificial Intelligence Hologram Robot)

Introducing the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Holographic Concierge in Malaysia and even the first in the world. It’s able to answer questions using voice recognition and AI. It provides visual content including directions, maps, images and videos, it’s perfect for hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, airports and office lobbies.

  • Introducing Alice (The Hologram Robot).
  • Alice is a robot powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it’s displaying as hologram image of the real time 3D rendered character.
  • Alice able to:
    • Sense when someone approach her or stand near her (by ultrasound sensor).
    • Listen and recognise what user saying (Voice recognition).
    • Answer the user back by voice with lip-sync and aided visuals such as maps, videos


  • Market size: Service robotics market to grow to $22 billion by 2024 (Global market insights)
  • Target market:
    • Hotels
    • Airports
    • Hospitals
    • Museums
    • Showrooms
    • Shopping malls and retail stores